Friday, January 30, 2009

Shoe 'Nuff

Shoe Nuff

How often do you see an attractive woman or man only to look down and their shoes cause you to instantaneously mini-throw up? There is nothing (almost nothing) that can ruin an outfit more than bad shoes. By bad I mean, bent out shape, scraped on the toe, cheap looking, heels that have color peeling off…you get my drift. I am a major believer in the fact that shoes can set any outfit off if used correctly.

So the next time you get ready to put a "pair" on, here are some tips to keep in mind:

If when you walk either of your shoes make a sound that they shouldn't (i.e. a metal piece showing at the bottom of the heel where a tap is supposed to be), don't put them on. Wearing shoes, especially heels, which have no taps, can ruin your shoes. Take them to a shoe repair shop to have a new tap added. If you really love the shoe(s), it's worth the extra money, which in my experience has never been more than $15.

If the toes of your shoe(s) or the heel(s) no longer match the rest of the shoe, don't put them on. Either opt for some polish, or if it's a difficult color to match, again, visit your local shoe repair shop. It only takes a few minutes to slap some polish on those bad boys, and you'll feel like a million bucks and probably look like it as well.

For ladies, wearing shoes in the car often ruins the heels and scuffs up the toes, so keep a pair of ballet slippers or flats in your car to wear while driving. This will keep your shoes looking newer and stretch the time required for maintenance or trash (unfortunately).

Keep your shoes in (their) boxes or neatly lined up. Don't throw them on the closet floor and walk all over them! They can't treat you well if you don't treat them well. I would also recommend re-stuffing them each time you store them away to decrease the lines in the toe area. If you love your shoes, act like you love them.

And finally, a few tricks to keep in mind:

Add color. Play with your shoes, they can say a lot or a little about you. Add red, green, yellow (you name it!) shoes to an otherwise boring office "uniform" of black plants and a white button down. Adding colored shoes gives mundane outfits personality and a more tailored look.

Try to avoid purchasing cheap looking shoes in staple colors. A nice pair of black or brown shoes is always a fashion must and will never go out of style. Hence, this is well worth the investment. I'm not talking $300 investment, more like $60 Nine West investment. That will do just fine, lol.

Please, avoid the "mom" look at work of sneakers with work clothes. Invest in a cute pair of flats to wear during your commute. Rain boots or UGGs are cool too. Just no sneakers, lol. Never the sneakers!!!

Matching belt, shoes, bag is NOT a requirement. This look is okay, for say…BLACK, not red, not pink, not green. Please, just don't do it. Mix and match with your favorite pieces. Just don't get too crazy and emerge looking like Rainbow Brite.

And most importantly, have fun and don't be afraid to try new things!

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Fashion Bailout said...

Yessss!!! I love that post Fashion Bailout #2!!! The shoes are oh so important! My favorite part was about the mix and matching, shoes not needing to match the handbag. Being from the south, a lot of women swear by this rule, but my friends, I'm here to tell you...that rule was meant to be broken!!! BREAK IT!